Foreign Immigration Immigration+ is the business arm of Foreign Immigration Immigration. We are focused on serving businesses, business professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to apply for federal and provincial government programs. We help businesses settle in Canada by giving them prompt and accurate advice while also providing strategic immigration planning for all temporary and permanent residence cases. We work in a variety of industries including but not limited to oil and gas, aerospace, technology, energy, agriculture, and hospitality. Foreign Immigration Immigration+ is experienced in preparing complex immigration applications and we are devoted to providing tailor made, custom services for each case, from start to finish.

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There are several ways you can immigrate through the business avenues. Common requirements amongst the dozens of business programs are:

Previous business or managerial experience.

Adequate finances to start or purchase your own business. Typically $200,000+CAD is a good starting point.

Good language profiency in English or French.

A business plan for a new or exisiting business.